We have a deep expertise and capacities in all the phases of the preliminary design process ( research, styling, virtual modelling, 3d rendering, animation ) . 

Our wide-ranging experience combined with our compact studio setting allows us to work in a highly lean and quality-oriented way, focusing on designs that lead to quality, innovative, and feasible outcomes. Here in our 7 services, what you need?

  1. Design research_Asking the right questions, understand customer needs and focus on the important elements of the scenario.
  2. Stylistics Research_Find new directions, daring and stimulate reactions that are able to generate new ideas and solutions.
  3. Sketches_The hand drawing is the critical step that enhances the passion and represents the first transposition in the real world of an idea.
  4. Macrofeasability_ The verification of  the geometric and ergonomic requirement, in 3D environment, allows to filter and identify workable solutions.
  5. Virtual modelling_ Everything must be built accurately in 3D environment to evaluate the surface quality and that each component can be built and finally mounted
  6. Renderings_The design can also be refined by evaluating aesthetic object photographed in photo realistic virtual environments.
  7. Color and trim_With modern virtual techniques, the material of each component, can be chosen in color, material, surface finish. In the concept phase the possibilities are infinte

We work with companies that are able to engineer, build and sell the products developed together. These services can be applied to three different large areas of industrial design fields

  1. Transportation design
  2. Advanced and " Visionary " project
  3. Visual

We work together: Your project is our project!

There is no boss and a client, it is to work together to reach the goal , for this reason we take time to ensure we truly understand our clients brands, values, goals and objectives; forming close partnerships, tailoring our services to their needs. Epta has worked and works with customers in Europe (Italy, Switzerland and England), Asia (Singapore) and USA (New York and Los Angeles)